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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  December 15, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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doppler, it is dry, quiet but watching a piece of energy arts part of the great lakes that will merge with some energy later this afternoon developing, out of the deep south, and then that will combine to create that storm system to bring us some snow. it will stick instantly. reduced visibility, slow travel and main timing would be later this afternoon, been kelly, we will talk about much more about that snowfall coming up. good morning, 4:00 he clock, we have an early morning vehicle fire is what left here on i-95, this is north bound i-95 right before you get to woodhaven road. fire fighters have left, but what is left behind is all of the water, that was used to fight the fire, and that will quickly, turn to ice, as the cars roll through it. they threw down some salt but be careful heading north bound i-95 near woodhaven. schuylkill expressway eastbound still closed at 30th street folks can jump off at 30th or use vine expressway
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until 5:00. coming from south jersey quiet on the 42 freeway but remember anything that did not evaporate or if it looks wet with the temp at 24 there is potential for ice as we roll out for first thing this morning. karen and thomas, back to you. we will begin with break ing news, in the olney section of the city a crash involving a police officer, we know two people were hurt, including an officer lets get out to steve keeley at the scene, steve. >> reporter: this happened just past midnight at this intersection a pretty big one ogontz and ol knew avenue better known as front of the central high school as traffic light intersection. aftermath, in our video showing the police officer, had his, white unmark ford side air bags all deployed. it shows police officers don't just face every day danger that come with fighting crime, they face every man and woman daily dangers, we all face just driving around and patrol officer, spend the majority of
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their shift driving with less cars on the road after midnight like this case you see how an officer driving in this unmark police car got broadsided passenger side. good thing, he had no partner with him in, that passenger seat or he may have been hurt way worse then officer driving and another civilian driver of the car that collided with the police officer both getting check out at einstein hospital for what was called, aches, pains, karen and thomas philadelphia police accident investigation division officers will be talking to both drivers to try to figure out if either was it at fault here and only described as having minor injuries. >> certainly more details to come, steve keeley this morning in olney, thank you. investigating zeroed in what start aid fire in montgomery count that i killed two little boys. officials say faulty extension cord plug in the space heater toys blame. intense flames swept right through lukens home on summit avenue wednesday morning. brian lukens a montgomery county deputy sheriff managed to get out with his wife and
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nine year-old daughter. he tried to rescue their other two children but could not get to them on the second floor. as you can imagine heart break and need certainly is great this morning. >> six months from now we will need us as a community, a year from now they will need us, as a community, and we cannot change it but hopefully we can lift their spirits enough, you know to keep them going. >> mom, dad and sister are still recovering, in the hospital this morning. two cousins accused of killing and then burying four men at a farm up in bucks county new say they are not guilty. they made that plea yesterday and so this case will go to trial. prosecutors have charged cosmo dinardo and sean kratz with the murders of these four men, jimmy car patrick, dean finocchiaro, mark sturgis and tom meo. dinardo admitted to the killing to keep the district attorney from seeking the death penalty but since he reversed his plea it is back in play.
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the family of one of the victims say it is not harsh enough. >> i feel like the death penalty is too good for him. would i like to see him spend a very long time in prison with no hope of getting out. >> the district attorney says that he would keep his promise not to seek the death penalty, that is what he originally said if dinardo had held up his end of the plea deal. another disturbing story here man accused of kidnapping , and sexually assaulting a four year-old girl in delaware before throwing her body in the pond is asking a judge to reduce his bail. a judge ordered 24 year-old daniel santucci, junior held on 11 million-dollar cash bail he is asking for state appointed attorney. police say he kidnaped four year-old on the 4800 block of sugar plum court back in april the girl was playing outside with other children when detectives say santucci, lured her into a car. in atlantic county police are searching for a suspect who tried to set the gala way township police headquarters on fire. watch it right there in action , tuesday a man tries to
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light a glass bottle called a molotov cocktail, peers to have an ago using rant, throws it at front door, it does shatter lobby but didn't start a fire and great news that is nobody was hurt. delaware state police need your help to track that guy down 31 year-old maurice drew wanted for his investment in multiple shoplifting incidents state police are not the only won who want him they want him in dover, new castle county and common pleas want him for shoplifting and theft. drew is wanted by new castle county superior court for violating probation. temple students are on edge after racist, flyers were found around campus. our jenny gist joining us from north philadelphia this morning, what is going on here , jenny. >> reporter: good morning. well, according to social media accounts these racist hateful flyers were found not in one spot but multiple spots around campus and it prompted, student organizations, and temple police to get involved, let's take a look at these flyers. we have an image that you can see that uses the n word which
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is blurred out and read bernie would have won if it wasn't for you, seriously. f you all. thinks all you fault. pretty heinous language and sentiment which triggered a strong reaction. the university tweeted it was hosting a student discussion last night in light of these hateful flyers. the school's institutional diversity office had a lot to say about this tweet ago this this type of racist, language is not acceptable, in our community, and the offices committed to advocating for students, staff and entire north philadelphia community to eradicate systems of oppression. office goes on to encourage anyon with any information about these pliers to contact the temple university police, which is handling this investigation, karen and thomas. >> thanks very much, jenny. a huge sigh of relief this morning, the best news for this family in upper darby we were telling you this story all looking for this man 75, who has dimension, they found him and he is safe. they found francisco martinez
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last night. he was in another person's unit in the apartment building where he lives on provident road. they were away. he wandered in. his family believes he went in the apartment thinking it was his apartment. >> we just hugged him, you know, just so grateful that he was, found. >> it is a real eye opener for us, too. we are a wear of the dementia but then at the same time like what else can we do? >> he was taken to the hospital, they check him out, the family says he was disoriented when they found him and now they are get something help with how to better care for him. law makers in delaware taking aim at a device that allows semiautomatic rifles to fire approaching fully automatic weapons. we are showing what you happened in las vegas that horrific shooting one of the war we have had in this country back in october. it shows what a bump stop can do, because the gun mad in that case had one and firing on those people killing 58
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people wounding so many hundreds more. he had a number of rifles outfitted with that, lets re coil go quickly and just hit witt your trigger finger. anyway they want to get rid of it there. a former bethlehem fire fighter had admitted he stole from a wawa while in uniform. o the third was charged over the summer with retail theft after stealing some coffee and food. they fired him. judge ruled he must pay 500 bucks in court costs. gloucester county in gloucester county holy glenn elementary school will remain closed for the rest on have the year because of the mold. school district officials made announcement this week. holy glenn first closed back in october when officials found mold around building's outside foundation. the district has five other schools for mold after that discovery. students were moved to other schools in the district, to finish out the school year. former pennsylvania governor and former home land security secretary tom ridge is out of the hospital, good news, back at his home in maryland after leaving a texas
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rehabilitation center, the seven two-year old was in the hospital for almost a month after having a heart attack while attending a republican governor's association conference, in austin, texas. potentially life saving changes are coming to south street, city is installing a half mile long protect bike lane that will run from 21st and south to 27th and lombard streets, the decision comes one month after a cyclist was killed in center city, officials say construction will be completed by mid 2018. there is a new cow do you remember that scene, yesterday outside about a block or two up from our studios here a cow running around? there is a new cow at the live nativity scene. >> cowabonga. >> you went out there in the parking garage, found the cow. >> on the floor, running around. >> i have never seen anything like that in tv, news, so neat what does it look like right now. >> this is the scene, this is at fourth and race streets right outside, christ church,
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and then this let's introduce to you ginger. this is ginger who replaced stormy who got out twice, so they say ginger's a little smaller and perhaps a little -- >> more well behaved. >> yes. >> do you remember this scene here, stormy ended up on i-95 where officers had to carol her near callowhill street. few hours later she made it down to the windham a couple blocks and went up to the garage on the fourth floor, fourth and arch street, and then, stormy was taken back to the farm where she's chilling this morning. really special birthday at the sue, coldie locks the polar bear 37 years old celebrating with a special birthday cake and treats. usually like frozen fish this makes her the oldest known polar bear in our country, zoo olgoodies say they typically even live to be about 25 in captivity and much shorter in the wild. happy birthday.
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love that. so excited about this, so much fun, the new stars wars, last jedi movie finally out. that ace head on "good day philadelphia". >> also ahead, we have to talk about new allegations against powerful men accused of sexual misconduct and how some of them are pushing back. and delaware county someone through are so lucky waking up a whole lot richer, the big lottery prize just won this week and where that ticket was sold good day philadelphia coming right back , bob kelly. you got it. 4:11. crews are still working on the schuylkill expressway, a live look westbound right here near manayunk, we will check rest of the jam cams, it is friday, y'all, live look at ben franklin parkway, we have it for you signed, sealed, delivered, the forecast when we come right
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i love this in my house right here, so cool. it is hottest ticket around town. >> and so neat people are already went out to see it at midnight screenings talking about star wars the last jedi, i got to see it earlier in the week, pretty amazing. >> spark, light the fire.
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>> this is not going to go the way you think. >> they have been playing these trailers all morning long star wars last jed that i opened in theaters overnight. is it worth price of admission better believe it is. kevin mccarthey will review long awaited film coming up later on good day. >> there is some great new characters, some amazing fight scenes and i love all of the creatures, so cute. >> saw it earlier this week and you loved it. >> a lot of fun. a child that grew up with that >> that would be i great day to go to the theaters and watch it, because it will be messy out there. >> it is, we are talking about that snow moving in later this afternoon. take a look at this winter weather advisories already posted for philadelphia, points south and east for some of that accumulating snowfall later this afternoon. these advisory in purple kick in at 1:00 this evening. we are dry, quiet but off to
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the north and west we are watching energy moving out of the great lakes combined with some energy out of the south ande and those two will set the stage for a coastal system that will give thaws glancing blow of snow. 13 degrees in allentown. mid 20's philadelphia 24, cold in atlantic city. temperatures stuck in the 30's , across the region for today, center city 33 degrees. mid 30's down the shore, and then 30 for the lehigh valley. so as we get hour by hour that snow will develop rapidly. look at the clock we will go from nothing to watching out for some of that snow moving out of maryland and sections of lancaster, chester county, delaware county around one, two, three in the afternoon of good coverage of the light snow. head up stepping outside, it is dry, cold and then watching out for that snow this afternoon. it moves into sections of south jersey, delaware as we move toward the rush hour time frame and we are still looking at several of those flakes,
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especially around 6:00 o'clock but then it rapidly moves out of here. how much snow do i expect. anywhere from one to 2 inches, some locations could over achieve around 3:00 in sections of delaware or south jersey. so bottom line, cold temperatures, it will stick instantly, watch out for reduced visibility, some slow travel, the adviceries once again in purple are going to be from 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. so one to 2 inches locally as much as three. 33 degrees for today and for weekend partly sunny skies, we're looking at 40 on saturday. 42 degrees on sunday. there might be a late day shower or sprinkle sunday night and then look at the 50 's, for monday, into tuesday , bob kelly. >> get my shorts ready 4:17. good morning. definitely make sure you bundle up, still cold below freezing, 24 degrees. thing about the construction guys out here all night long working in the cold, live look here at the schuylkill expressway, westbound, is there your manayunk railroad bridge in the background there
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, between center city and belmont avenue watch for one lane traffic pattern, coming inbound east on the schuylkill still closed at 30th street until 5:00. jumping off at 30th or use the vine expressway. here's an example anything that didn't evaporate or still out there overnight is still sitting there in the form of ice this morning, just be careful right there make that right turn and your tires will clip this little pieces of ice , along the way, could make things tricky. we had a earlier vehicle fire with the water, put out the fire, all across the roadway, so things could be slippery north on i-95 right here near woodhaven road, karen and thomas back to you. developing right now, unfortunately some sad news to report that massive thomas wild fire in southern california has killed a fire fighter, this is the first fire fighter fatality. so san diego fire fighters his name is corry iverson he died battling the flames there taking his casket away to the hers right there and so many
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people that were standing there to honor him. he leaves behind his pregnant wife and a two-year old daughter. the thomas fire is the fourth largeness california history and one of the six major wild fires still burning. suspect accused of plowing his car in the white national list rally in charlottesville virginia killing one person now facing another serious charge. judge upgrade his second degree murder charge to first degree murder. prosecutors say 20 year-old from ohio drove his car in the counter protesters over the summer, killing a three two-year old woman and hurting dozens of others. the case will be presented to the grand jury for an indictment. all right. it seems every day we have mor allegations and we certainly did overnight. we now that the nypd is opening a sexual assault investigation into russell simmons. nine women have accused the media mogul of second you'll harassment and assault, in incidents that have occurred over decade, four of them accusing him of rape.
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yesterday he posted a photo on his instagram account showing not me trying to start a reverse campaign, writing today i begin to presently defend myself. i will prove without any doubt i am innocent of all rape charges. dustin hoffman facing new allegations of sexual misconduct, we have three more women stepping forward with accusations, one of them says that the actor exposed himself to her in the new york hotel when she was just 16, there is two other woman who say they were sexually assaulted by hoffman shooting 1987 movie is htar, a lawyer called them defamily false hood. former nbc news production assistant revealed she had a relationship with form tore day anchor matt lauer in december of 2,000. she said it was sexual. she said that the relationship was consensual but add that had she ultimately felt like a victim because of the power dynamic. lauer has not comment than on those claims. it is official mario batali has been fired from the chew, the company says that
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batali was terminated after a review of sexual harassment allegations made against him. one female chef and three other women accused that chef of sexual misconduct. a man facing charges after hitting a st. joes university, excuse me, he hit a student from st. joes, with his car, is there the suspect, 42 year-old shown here, struck a 20 year-old woman crossing a street on the 5600 block of city avenue wednesday night. that 20 year-old was rushed to the hospital. he have is now charged with aggravated assault and driving under the influence, simple assault and other charges. in south philadelphia police are searching for that guy, they say he stole another man's wallet out of the locker at the sweat gym on the 700 block of east passyunk avenue a few weeks ago. this is him at another location a foodry at south tenth street, they say that is where he is using the victim's credit card to buy stuff. the philadelphia city council has passed by a 14- three vote a sweeping crackdown, on so-called beer delis or stop and go stores,
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and some lawmakers say hurt low income neighborhood especially with the presence of those bullet-proof glass dividers. crack dunn will put nut rules in place governing seating, public rest rooms and kind of products that the stores can sell. the goal, to force stores to operate as real food establishment. >> this bill is for establishments who sell beer and or shots of liquor, cold medicine to be converted into drugs to get high, crack pipes , and other drug paraphernalia. >> as amended this bill will give cities department of licenses and inspections until january of 2021 to deciding whether to stop and go stores must remove the bullet-proof glass, some use to keep store clerks safe from violence. coming up on good day philadelphia, say what? >> yeah, better not ask amazon 's alexa to answer a certain question, alexa, have you been naughty. so what exactly is she
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after a 10 game losing skid the flyers are now building a pretty big winning streak, looking to extend it against buffalo last night. in the second period tie game, jake voracek, yeah, flyers take the two-one lead. that would be the final score. flyers have won five straight games. nick sudfield is new backup quarterback for bird and he face timed with wentz after his surgery and carson's first question is the most
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carson wentz thing to ever ask >> he was feeling loopy after anesthesia. he was ordering a burger and talking about who knows what he is trying to figure out some of our new plays, so first question what is this new play i saw in the e-mails. i'm sure you want to necessity right now? it was pretty funny. >> of course asking about the plays but what can't joel embiid do. check out one handed backward half court backward boom, guy showing off on practice good on social media too. that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers. coming up, we have a lot of news overnight, we have breaking news right now. >> coming up in 90 seconds we will tell i a police officer injury in the overnight car crash, live at the scene, bob kelly, good morning. we have late night construction still out here, live look at the schuylkill heading westbound out of the south philadelphia, in toward center city philadelphia, and good news/bad news, good news it is friday, bad news, we
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have got snow on the way, as we look live, hello allentown waking up on a friday morning we have got your forecast after a cup of coffee and a quick break and some lottery numbers.
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breaking news overnight a crash, sends police officer to the hospital, how this happened, and the latest on his condition, next. also ahead brace yourself for some more snow do you see that system moving in. scott says get ready to blame him. when you can speculatees straight ahead. from snow to a snowy owls do you see that white thing in the grill of the car, who will rescue it. it is so cute. it happened in our area maybe best story in the morning. >> 101 animal sounds, right here this friday morning on good day, great to have you here thomas drayton we have the whole gang, karen hip, bob kelly good morning everyone. >> good news we have no cows on the roadway. i drove pennsylvania the mang er scene. i didn't see cow but i realized they put a smaller cow in there somewhere. >> yes, ginger. >> yes, ginger snap. >> replacing stormy. >> we will look at ginger coming up in a moment. lets check the forecast.
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>> ready when is it coming in? >> later this afternoon winter weather advisories, already posted, philadelphia point south ande, into delaware, south jersey, we are looking at more snow. we're dry and quiet right now but two systems will merge this afternoon right on top of the chesapeake bay area and then move toward the delaware valley. so temperatures to start, it is cold, we have 12 in quakertown, doyletown, 12, it is 20 degrees in newtown square. temperatures in south jersey camden, 22 degrees, hammington , 21 and look at vineland 24 degrees. temperatures will stay in the 30's and coming up i'll time out that snowfall, more on the advisory and also, how much snowfall, bob kelly, to expect , can you believe it, another round of snow? >> another round, here we go, get ready that evening rush hour, we have holiday parties this weekend, crazy, kid got sports. live look westbound on the schuylkill still got snow down
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from the overnight construction working westbound out of south philadelphia south street on ramp into center city. an example of the roadways, anything that did not evaporate or dry up last night is frozen over, 24 degrees this morning be careful for patches of black ice in the neighborhood maybe bottom of the on and off ramps. do you think it is cold. imagine working on the walt whitman bridge with the wind whipping but crews are out here eastbound and mid span and two here working on vine street expressway at the schuylkill eastbound schuylkill closed until 5:00 o'clock here in center city. karen and thomas, back to you. the breaking news out of, olney following a police officer recovering after an overnight accident. our steve keeley working this scene in olney, steve. >> reporter: well, you can see yellow police caution tape right beneath yellow, green and red traffic lights at intersection at ogontz and olney avenue in front of the central high school where this
4:33 am
happened just past midnight. you can see where the white ford unmark police car was hit broadside passenger side an inside air bags on both side of the car went off, likely to keep officer's head from slamming into his side roof and window area both officer and other driver only had minor injuries, and were taken to einstein hospital ton check for aches and pain. philadelphia police accident investigators came out to the scene and then went to talk to the two drivers to try to determine if either was at fault this crash showing karen and thomas it wasn't a vest but nylon air bags that saved this officer from being hurt, wheres then he was. all right. well, thank goodness for that vest, steve. 4:33. right now villanova officials are investigating a report of the sexual assault. they sent an alert to students and staff that there was an assault that happened in the residence hall on campus allegedly and according to the report the name is known to the victim but not the university or police.
4:34 am
the alert says that students to warn about people accused of sexual violence could be prosecuted and subject to action by the university. take to you bucks county where three men are behind bars following a meth bust in investigators. investigators seized 5-pound of the drugs worth 225, trophies smith, andre orozco and joe javier have been charged win tenth and conspiracy. they remain in bucks county prison in lieu, or jail, rather of bail. temple students are trying to find answers and so are obviously investigators up there why would someone put a hateful flyers all around their campus. lets get out to jenny joyce with the very latest, hi there , jenny. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of people are speaking out about these flyers on social media and discuss is the shared sentiment, we have some video, obviously, it is blurred, which were posted at several spots, around campus, it uses the n word and read bernie would have won if it
4:35 am
wasn't for you, seriously, all of this is your fault, the university tweeted that it was hosting a student discussion last night in light of the hateful racist flyers, and the schools institution rally with diversity office, also had a lot to say about this tweet ago this this type of racist language is not acceptable in our community. the office is committed for advocating for students, staff and north philadelphia community to eradicate systems of oppression. so temple police are investigating and encouraging anybody with any information about these flyers to reach out to them, back to you. >> jenny, thank you. 4:35. somewhere in delaware county, richer, 200 you this dollars richer. there was aid cash five ticket sold for yesterday's drawing at newtown square beverage, you lucky duck, ticket matched all five balls drawn. the numbers are right on your screen, three, nine, 10, 20 and 43. more than 24,000 other cash five tickets won pries in the drawing, lesser amounts, check
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your tickets, just in time for the holidays. recently retired atlantic city police captain may be off the job new but doesn't mean he stopped saving lives. check this out, video, that bob took when he came to the rescue of an owl. retired captain was on his way to the gym when he saw animal stuck in the grill of the car. with the help of two others they freed the owl got him to the vet and it turns out he has a fracture to the upper wing. the owl is under care of the tri-state bird rescue this delaware. call him santa simmons, who are we talking about? our ben simmons. coming up on good day philadelphia, what he just did >> holidays come early as sixers star steps up in a big way to help several families in need, scott. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow we are talking about highs in the 30's and winter weather advisories for some of us, we will goal hour and hour and talk about expected snow totals next.
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in your health today is deadline to sign up for owe bam care coverage. >> this is important because you only have hours left, the trump administration shortened the enrollment period to end six weeks earlier instead of the original january 31st deadline so if you need health care get on to it day. advertising budge tote inform
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people was also cut so people didn't know millions could be left out if you still need to enroll, i can sign up at health care dot gov. time of the year when shopping, of course for holiday gifts and most of us, not all of us are looking for the best deal. >> so how do you get the best price on something? this is great, new app out there so the price drops after you bought it, you can get that money back and never miss a drop again. app is called parallel list and it searches receipts and monitors stuff you bought and if there is a price drop it will detect it and make sure you get your money back. for get long lines at the mall you may find a longer wait time at a local animal shelter. >> the reason, christmas? we will explain, and there is a huge animal adoption event, this weekend, and we will let you know a
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good morning, welcome back as we ease on into this friday , we have the whole day ahead of us as we ease into the weekend and it will be all right. >> it will be all right. what do you say, bob kelly, we will start the day early. >> let's go. >> no, no, i just say we keep the evening team in here a little later. >> they will love that. >> do you like that idea. >> we will check it out.
4:44 am
>> we will bring it up to day. 44:00 3a live look at schuylkill expressway, come on down they just pulled over the cones opening up the eastbound side, so, we're getting ready to start our friday morning rush hour, triple four's on your clock, 24 on the temperature gauge. so anything that did not evaporate or dry up yesterday is laying there frozen solid this morning, maybe that first step when you walk outside the front door or on and off ramp or turning lanes there in the roadways, live look at 42 quiet coming toward city, hello wilmington looking good here working on i-95 in the heart of the wilmington. be careful there. here's county line road near montgomery county what the road looked like, again, just watch it, it just takes one or two tires to clip a piece of that black ice to send you spinning. we had fun last night for a very kelly christmas. we went out to hatfield, montgomery county, and fired up the lights, and then fired up all of the lights on the
4:45 am
front lawn, of the william family out there 102 kimberly way this guy has been doing it for over 20 years. one time the family moved to oklahoma, they took all of the lights and then moved back and took a whole tractor trailer just to bring the lights back to town, so we had a fun time on the front lawn last night, we had hot dogs, hot chocolate and lots and lots of christmas lights. i would love to visit your house, just post a picture to facebook, twitter, instagram using the #fox 29 lights, we are not done yet we will go out next week we will pick another home and we have video from last night's, kelly christmas up on my facebook page at bob kelly fox 29, snow on the way, oh, no, scottie has tonight 15.
4:46 am
say it ain't snow we have winter weather advisories that will kick in around 1:00 for philadelphia, points south and east in some south jersey, also sections of delaware, later on this afternoon. we're dry, quiet now but off to the south of us we will watch an area of low pressure develop and that will set the stage for more of that snow. take a look at the temperatures it is cold waking up to 21 in hammington. we have 23 somers point, medford 18 degrees right now, look at the temperatures in delaware hockessin 19, 25 in dover, and 30 degrees in lieu is, delaware so temperatures, below freezing throughout delaware. high temperature today right around 33 degrees, and afternoon snow looks like a couple of inch's cross the region and then, temperatures, tonight bottoming out in the mid 20's so it will be cold. dry to start but cloud roll in thick and here is at 11:00 snow starts to move from the west right around 1:00 o'clock. you can see moving toward i-95
4:47 am
corridor right around lunchtime and as we move in the afternoon we are looking at light snow in the lehigh valley, reading, berks county, delaware, parts of the south jersey so just keep this in mind for afternoon and evening plans for that commute. things could get rough and tricky on those road as we look at reduced visibility and that snow will stick because the temperatures are so cold, so, how much do i expect? you can see right around i-95 corridor into south jersey sections of delaware one to 2 inches of snow but locally as high as 3 inches, of snow. here's would the om line cold temperatures sticks instantly, watch out for slow travel we are looking at one to 2 inches of snow, locally as high as 3 inches of snow out of this system. it is out of here for saturday 40 degrees. forty-two on sunday. look the at 50's, on monday, 50 degrees. fifty-four on tuesday and then cooler by middle of the next
4:48 am
week. check out my forecast if you are stepping out on 101.1 more fm, guys, back over to you. thanks, scott 4:48. former white house aid omarosa is talking and she has a whole lot to say about what went down in the white house in the final days. she was not fired. she claims she left on her own terms. she was director of communications for office of public liaison but her status in the administration came into question when chief of staff john kelly came in taking over in july. here's what she said. >> i resigned and i didn't do that in the residence as being reported, john kelly and i sat down in the situation room which is a very secure, very quiet room in the white house and we had a very candid conversation and i wanted to make the one year mark that was one of the goals that i set out to, and then get back to my life. >> so, she will get back to her life, she says that
4:49 am
certain things that happened there made her feel uncomfortable, and she will talk more about those specific experiences after her official last day which is january 20th now after her interview, the anchor that was talking with her robin roberts was talking and said there was something she needed to take off of her chest. >> relationship with him again , yeah, fourth time could be a charm. >> she said she has a story to tell i'm sure she will be selling that story. >> bye, felicia. >> how about that one, yeah, quoting from the ice cube, bye floor a from that movie that came out in 1995a lot of people praised robin for keeping it real but interestingly, this is another one where she responded reportedly in text inside addition saying that is petty, it is a black woman civil war. to be continued. hi alexa why do you have a poddy mouth? that is what parents are asking amazon this morning. >> fire. >> you already tried those
4:50 am
coordinates. try another one. >> we had to bleep out full word it was dumb followed by, another word for the behind, r rated glitch comes from the amazon voice activated personal assistant echo and it could be heard on the battleship game. we contact the company about the problem and they pulled the game in distribution and parents are surprised about what they heard. >> totally inappropriate. >> do you think. >> totally inappropriate. >> it teach your kid how to curse, that is what they are teaching them. ridiculous. >> in a statement amazon tells us that the issue has been resolved and thanks tour feedback millions have users including yourself can &-ús for many years to come. keep the little won smiling what does that word mean, mommy. i don't know what to do in those situation. a smith surprise for world war two veteran someone just being a good person, gave him a 50-dollar bill out of the blue.
4:51 am
the guy, 93, named george, world war two vet in line at the super market in smyrna beach, florida when the woman says thank you, for your service gives him ape hug and puts something in his hand. he looks down and there is $50 he said best christmas present he ever got. >> i unrolled it and i said lady, you are making a mistake i said that is too much money. so she says no, i want you to have a merry christmas. >> how sweet is that? now he is on a mission to pass on his appreciation and let would the man know her good deed did not end there. >> love to hear that. local shelter wants to you think twice before giving a pet as a present for the holidays. may seem like a goody deto get a puppy or kitten for christmas but advocates will tell thaw pets are way more than gifts they are lifetime commitments. bill lombardi is the director of the animal shelter inn says their goal every day is to find animals forever homes and that is why they do not allow
4:52 am
adoptions the week leading up to christmas. >> we thought if we do this and we hold off that the animal will be giving the attention that it really need when it is adopted. >> he says that he hopes will help people think first before making an impulse decision. we have a big event this weekend. >> brandywine spca is holding the mega adoption event, there will be a thousand dogs and cats out there for everyone to come and they have them lined up, you can look and get through the adoption process. we have all of the information on our web site at fox or go to b as in boy, v as in victor, >> look a the you in the know. 4:52 right new. fulfilling a christmas wish on "good day philadelphia". >> how troopers from our area helped a dream come true for a special little boy, who is in the middle of the a pretty big
4:53 am
i saw the change in rich when we moved into the new house.
4:54 am
but having his parents over was enlightening. ♪ you don't like my lasagna? no, it's good. -hmm. -oh. huh. [ both laugh ] here, blow. blow on it. you see it, right? is there a draft in here? i'm telling you, it's so easy to get home insurance on progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto.
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welcome back, blue mountain, we see you and so do a lot of the skiers and riders out there, it will be a great week toned head up there, they will have fresh powder to day. >> i always say this is year i learn to ski, i lived in colorado, alaska and all i can do is tumble down the hill. >> hot totie in the lounge good time. i want to share this story that is absolutely heart warming. a moment of the young boy
4:56 am
battling cancer just got to enjoy. >> so new jersey state police made dreams come true of this little child just in time for christmas. his name is three, he is three years old. he all he wants to do is to be a police officer or trooper from elmer township, salem county. look, he got to be a state trooper. they gave him a badge, toys, documents and would you look, there is the big trooper car. he got his own tiny trooper car with lights and sirens. >> it is amazing. and then also this holiday surprise for four families down in south philadelphia. did you see, yes that was ben simmons, 76ers star helping out these kid go on a shopping spree at target as part of their season of giving, you know, can you imagine, actually with ben simmons and helping me get some stuff. that is a merry christmas. get to pick out toys that you want. happy holidays from the white house president trump and first lady melania released their christmas photo
4:57 am
, do you see first couple standing in front of the two of the white house's 53 christmas trees, "good day philadelphia" continues in about 90 seconds good morning on this friday, as we take you back out to the poconos, stay
4:58 am
4:59 am
happening right now on good day philadelphia, break ing news overnight a philadelphia police officer is injured in a crash, we will
5:00 am
take you live to a scene in just a moment. oh, snap. >> you know who your man is and you know what i stand for, you know foundation that we built. >> kevin hart not holding back >> i kept staring outside of my face, i didn't even say anything. >> from cheat to go his kid and his ex-wife, our philadelphia funny man tells all. feeling the force. let the mania begin. star wars last jedi finally opens up in theaters. "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. good friday, morning, thank you so much for waking up and joining us. we made it through another week in full holiday mode, another night of hon cars, happy holidays to you we're in the spirit. >> good day, philadelphia karen good morning. bob kelly, good


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